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When Things are Going Good, Write Down the Good

It’s always good to change things up. We know this variety is the spice of life and that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about today. I want to talk to you about having fun in your business, changing it up and what are ways that you can have more fun in your business?

The first thing I want to mention to you is how to create a happy folder. A friend of mine, Rebecca Warsaw, gave me that idea. It’s a happy folder. And when things are going good, you take and write it down on a post-it note and you put it in a folder. If you get a promotion, put it in a folder. If you get a sale, write it down and put it in a folder and you fill your folder up with all positivity, right?. If somebody calls you and things go well, you have a big sales day, you get to hire somebody, write that down.

How did you feel when you hired somebody? How’d you feel when you train somebody and they actually performed, like you wanted them to perform? When you exceeded your quota or you exceeded your budget or you made a first quarter number or whatever makes you feel good? If you did something for somebody else and you know, you know what I really felt good about that, write it down, put it in a folder because you’re going to have a day or a week sometimes when things aren’t going well.

And what happens is, we start focusing on the negative and sure enough things go from bad to worse. And so what you want to do when things are starting to get bad, you go to your happy folder, you open it up and you remind yourself that everything is not so bad. You remind yourself that there are some good things that have happened to you, and it makes you feel better.

It changes your thoughts, changes your attitude, and it changes your state of mind. And it’s just kind of a fun, little way to make you feel good again. And so remind yourself, this is a little reminder for you: this is how to make your job more fun for you make a happy folder.

Another way to do that is you can have a meeting and you can give everybody in the meeting a post-it note, and you tell them to take five minutes and write and write down something that they’re grateful for and stick it on their pad or they stick it on their binder or they stick it on their back or their shirt.

And pretty soon you have 10, 15 compliments of appreciation and keep those in your happy folder as well. Because again, when you’re not having a good day or things aren’t going the way you want them to, you can go back and remind yourself that you are appreciated, people like you, and you have done a good job. This is only a moment in time that you may be experiencing a little bit of a setback. It’s not forever.

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