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Tuesday with Terry

Join Terry Blachek, Area Developer for Orangetheory Fitness, as he dives into his decades of experience with sales and marketing, leadership, human relations, and self empowerment to educate and guide his listeners on how to change their perspective, take charge of their life, and change it for the better.

My name is Terry, and I’m your friend

Terry Blachek has over 30 years of experience in management, operations, sales, marketing, and the development of health and fitness club companies. He’s currently the CEO and owner of Austin Fitness Group, LLC, an Orangetheory Fitness franchise with 133 studios across Texas, Arizona, Kansas, and beyond. Terry is also one of the original founders of Orangetheory Fitness corporate (upon sale by the concept creators). Today, Terry spends most of his time in Austin, Texas as the Area Developer for Orangetheory Fitness. He’s widely regarded for his creation of Orangetheory’s unparalleled pre-sales process and is considered to be an elite health and fitness club operator.

However, the road to his success was no easy feat. Even when faced with adversity from various corners of his life, Terry never gave up, and always kept pushing forward to reach his goals. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t count his blessings, and he’s incredibly grateful for the support of his wife and daughter, friends, mentors, and everyone who helped him get to where he is today.


The most rewarding thing is when I’m able to turn people’s dreams into a reality and help them out through to the other end of their struggles”

-Terry Blachek-

People. Change. Performance.

Terry has decided to use his decades of knowledge in sales and marketing, leadership, human relations, and self empowerment to create a podcast, Tuesday with Terry, in order to share his stories and life experiences, educate his listeners, and provide guidance to those faced with challenges both professionally and personally.


In addition to being a CEO, Terry Blacheck is also part of the REX roundtable group of best practice leaders in the fitness industry, a leading presenter for IHRSA events, a speaker for Disney Business & Management Seminars, and a contributing writer for Club Success Magazine.

He’s incredibly devoted to bringing his people to the next level, ensuring they have just what they need to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Because, as Terry says, a leader is only as strong, happy, and successful as their followers.

He’s excited to explore themes of leadership in his podcast, including how to build strong leadership traits, manage a team, and so much more.

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Sales & Marketing

From COO to CMO to CEO and all that’s in between, Terry Blachek is a true pioneer of all things sales and marketing. He’s widely recognized for expanding various types of fitness companies well past their original size, and his expertise in the health and fitness industry resulted in double-digit growth in sales for his clients. 

In his podcast, he’ll incorporate tips and tricks from his well known sales presentations like 40 Ways to Close the Sale and 10 Steps to Being Successful at Creating Business. Even if you’re not a sales and marketing guy like Terry, you’re sure to receive value by tuning in.

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Self Empowerment

Terry Blachek says the most rewarding thing is when he’s able to turn people’s dreams into a reality and help them out through to the other end of their struggles — and the most painful thing is when someone he believes in doesn’t see the same when they look in the mirror.

He more than understands the trials and tribulations life can bring, as his path to success was chock full of roadblocks, wrong turns, and dead ends. In fact, there were many individuals who once told him not to waste his time and money trying to grow Orangetheory Fitness to new heights because it would never work — but today, it’s known as the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world. 

Even when faced with challenges in all areas of his life — love, money, friends, job, you name it — he picked himself up and kept going. Now, he’s ready to show others how to do the same. 

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Human Relations

For Terry Blachek, there are two things that reign true: processes and people. You need concrete processes to succeed in business and in life, but without the right people to enact said processes and support you, you simply won’t get very far. Having acted as a coach, consultant, manager, and so much more, Terry believes that human relationships hold the true magic in this world. In his podcast, he’ll teach you how to build concrete relationships, manage conflict, and head down the path towards success with a strong team at your back.

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