Tuesday With Terry

Building Trust Within Your Team

Happy Friday! I hope you are having fun under the sun, wherever you are. This week I wanted to focus on building trust in yourself, and especially within your team. One thing that can and will never work is a team that distrusts each other. Each member of your team needs to know, like, understand, bond, and trust each other. How are they meant to perform well together and accomplish a common goal if they distrust the people they work with?

Team building exercises are a great way to build trust and foster relationships between team members. Mainly they focus on building communication skills, motivation, creativity, problem-solving, and trust skills. If you work on these skills, there will be fewer internal problems and a better workflow throughout the company.

There are so many great team-building exercises that you can implement, such as a scavenger hunt, where the winning team gets gift cards or merch, going to an escape room after work, or going for a team lunch. It can be something simple like an office trivia night or movie night. Whatever you choose, it cannot just be one and done. Trust takes time, but it is imperative to your business’ health and success.

If you increase trust and bonding within the team, productivity, mental and physical health, and morale will follow. If the people in your office like the people they are working with and for, they will be happier when they are working and get more done. Invest in your team by creating an environment where they can communicate and feel heard just the same. I hope you gathered some ideas and get to work on building trust starting today.

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