Tuesday With Terry

Take Inventory Of Your Habits To Maximize Your Results

With the summer months upon us, I think this is the perfect opportunity to discuss taking an inventory of your habits. It’s fascinating how much our business and sales environment have changed in the last few years, the last few months, and even in the last few days. In this ever-changing environment, your daily habits make or break you. The best way to take charge of it is to inventory your daily habits to maximize your results in and outside your business.

Now that we’re at the halfway point of the year, how would you grade yourself, performance-wise, these last few months? Is there something you think you can do differently in the future, change your attitude? What would that change look like? While these seem like easy answer questions, take your time on these. Take the time for yourself. I think we owe ourselves to take the opportunity to make these changes in our lives.

We can choose when we do things, how we do things, to make positive decisions, and to make decisions that can negatively affect our results. You get to decide how your day goes, so why not maximize the results of your day by maximizing your daily habits to best suit that? Creating better daily habits will drive your life to the best possible outcome.

Remember that saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Think about your daily habits as the apple. What if it was a candy bar instead? Think about how that would make you feel and affect your teeth, blood sugar, and life. Eating the apple, taking the time to walk, and making those calls every day will take your life in a positive direction. All those daily habits will affect your future and are inevitably up to you.

Every day is a new day to reinvent yourself. Every day is a new day to choose to make good habits and maximize your results!

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