Tuesday With Terry

Tuesday with Terry

The podcast for getting your mind in shape.

ABOUT the podcast

Terry Blachek started his podcast with the goal of teaching others how to change their perspective, take charge of their life, and head down the path to success. Each episode will feature teachings from Terry, personal anecdotes, and guidance on how to become an impactful leader, form concrete relationships with your people, and develop a strong sense of self empowerment. Please enjoy perusing his previous episodes, and be sure to tune in every Tuesday for more!


Please enjoy perusing Terry’s previous episodes, and
be sure to tune in every Tuesday for more!

Premier Episode

In his premier episode, Terry will talk a little bit about the power of change, share some personal anecdotes, walk you through an exercise you can use to gain a new perspective on your life, and set the stage for what’s to come.

Episode 1

Sit down with Terry Blachek as he discusses the importance of having a strong self image, the power of perspective, and how you can go about finding happiness in your everyday life. 

Episode 2

Grab your headphones, come on down, and take a seat as we discuss the importance of building a strong self image. Look inside and ask: What are you telling yourself? Feed your mind with something nutritious. You are the spark that will set the entire forest ablaze.

Episode 3

Sit down for this week’s episode of Tuesday with Terry and get an insider’s look into what constitutes a great leader, what you need to do to make sure you’re constructing a solid team, and best practices for tracking results so everyone reaches their goals.

Episode 4

Whether they’re good or bad, everybody has expectations. But how do you set expectations for yourself? And are you making sure you’re not putting unrealistic expectations on your team and those around you? Sit down with Terry Blachek as he does a deep dive into how to turn your expectations into a tangible reality.

Episode 5

“You can’t let anybody else do your pushups for you.” In this episode, Terry Blachek will discuss the importance and power of what happens when you stick to your goals.

Episode 6

Even if you’re not a sales and marketing guru like Terry Blachek, everyone has to sell themselves from time to time.

 Today, we’ll learn about five tips to fine tune your sales process — starting, as always, with yourself.

Episode 7

Come join Terry as we discuss the sales process, pre-closing, and discovering the needs of your prospects.

Believe in yourself. There’s over 300 million people in America — and nobody, nobody is exactly like you.

Episode 8

Seventy-three percent of the reason a sale doesn’t happen is because somebody simply just doesn’t ask for it. 

So… how DO you do it? 

Join Terry as he takes an even deeper dive into the sales process.

Episode 9

This time around, Terry Blachek shares important life lessons based on his very own experiences. 

Coined by the term “Terry-isms,” these bite-sized bits of wisdom are the perfect pair for your day.

Episode 10

Everybody is faced with objections from time to time — especially in the sales world.

But that’s okay, because Terry Blachek is here with tons of new ways to handle objections so you can fine tune your sales process AND your day to day.

Episode 11

It’s incredibly important to take a personal inventory on yourself and your life. 

Let’s take a moment to slow down. Let’s take a moment to reflect. Let’s take a moment for ourselves.

"For the small amount of time I got to work for you, you’ve made the most impact/influence in my life. Looking forward to future Tuesdays with Terry!!"

Mia D.

"What a great podcast!!! You are an inspiration. I would not be where I am today in my career without you. Thank you for all you have done for me and what you do for others. I look forward to listening in. In fact, I’m so excited you're doing this because I have always valued your ideas and the way you lead. I am happy I now have a chance to listen in for more. Terry, thank you again!!"

Jay W.

"So excited to hear about the new podcast! I have always said you are the best sales and marketing guy in the fitness industry -- and your ability to inspire and lead is second to none. I will be listening!"

David H.