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Tuesday with terry

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ABOUT the podcast

Terry Blachek started his podcast with the goal of teaching others how to change their perspective, take charge of their life, and head down the path to success. Each episode will feature teachings from Terry, personal anecdotes, and guidance on how to become an impactful leader, form concrete relationships with your people, and develop a strong sense of self empowerment. Please enjoy perusing his previous episodes, and be sure to tune in every Tuesday for more!


Please enjoy perusing Terry’s previous episodes, and
be sure to tune in every Tuesday for more!

Premier Episode

In his premier episode, Terry will talk a little bit about the power of change, share some personal anecdotes, walk you through an exercise you can use to gain a new perspective on your life, and set the stage for what’s to come.

Episode 1

Sit down with Terry Blachek as he discusses the importance of having a strong self image, the power of perspective, and how you can go about finding happiness in your everyday life. 

"For the small amount of time I got to work for you, you’ve made the most impact/influence in my life. Looking forward to future Tuesdays with Terry!!"

Mia D.

"What a great podcast!!! You are an inspiration. I would not be where I am today in my career without you. Thank you for all you have done for me and what you do for others. I look forward to listening in. In fact, I’m so excited you're doing this because I have always valued your ideas and the way you lead. I am happy I now have a chance to listen in for more. Terry, thank you again!!"

Jay W.

"So excited to hear about the new podcast! I have always said you are the best sales and marketing guy in the fitness industry -- and your ability to inspire and lead is second to none. I will be listening!"

David H.