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Self Defining Questions – 50 Questions to Ask Yourself

About two months ago, I had talked with some of you folks about goals. Discussing how to set up your week, your month, your life, and your year. 

But I thought today, what I would take us back just a little bit. 

I want to ask you some questions. A lot of times when you’re looking to grow, you really have to take a moment to reflect. You have to take a moment for introspection. And really just think things through a little bit in a thought provoking way. This allows you to set up your life, your business, your year, whatever your goal is. 

What I’m about to do is just ask you 50 questions. Yeah, I’m going to get through all 50 in about 10 or 12 minutes here. And I promise, if you really take out a blank sheet of paper, and you write some responses to these questions, this is going to be powerful. Very powerful. Powerful in terms of how you think about your life, how you think about yourself, your business, your family, your year, a lot of good things here. 

So here we go. Here’s 50 questions that you might never ask yourself. But you probably should. 

  1. What is your ideal definition of success? 
  2. Next, is that definition well rounded, to include all of the important aspects of your life? 
  3. What are the top three values that you have? And how do you apply those values to your business? 
  4. Do I factor in those values when I make business and even personal decisions? 
  5. Do I feel good about the way I treat the most important person in my life? How do you feel about that? 
  6. Do I feel and express enough gratitude and appreciation for the things that you have? I talk a lot about gratitude list. But are you really creating a gratitude list? And are you expressing appreciation for those things? 
  7. Is your stress level a little too high? On a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest? How is your stress level? 
  8. What are three things that you can do to reduce your stress? And then let me ask you this, what stops you from doing them? Why don’t you do it? 
  9. What do I most often choose to ignore? What are you ignoring? What are you procrastinating on? What are you putting off? 
  10. What are three things I want to pay closer attention to for the rest of this year? You’re three months into the year. Three out of 12, you got nine months left. What do you want to pay closer attention to for the rest of the year? 
  11. Can you be a better listener? 
  12. Do I carefully consider other people’s suggestions before I dismiss them? 
  13. If I had a real magic wand and it was absolutely working? What would be your three wishes, if you could make them come true?
  14. If there were any negative consequences or fears related to achieving success? What would they be? What are the consequences of success? What are you afraid of in terms of achieving success?
  15. When you ask people that you most respect to describe your leadership skills and qualities, what would be their top five responses? What do you see as your top five leadership skills or qualities? 
  16. Ask those same people that you really respect, about areas for improvement. What would they tell you are areas for you to improve? Write that down.
  17. What are the top three money making activities that you don’t devote enough time to? You know, you can make money at it. But you simply don’t devote the time to it. 
  18. Other than money, what stops you from getting the systems and the people in place to give you the adequate freedom to scale your company? Scale your business? So money is one thing… but other than money? What’s holding you back from getting the people in the systems? That’s really what it’s about. It’s about people in the process, people in the system, but what’s holding you back? 
  19. What is the single most significant change that you can make in the next nine months? 
  20. What do you need to grow your business that you don’t have? 
  21. What actions can you take to get closer to acquiring those things that you need to grow? Is it growing personally, growing financially, growing your business, or growing in any area of your life? 
  22. If you’re really honest with yourself, how strong is your confidence and your self worth? If you need to boost your self worth, go back and listen to one of my early podcasts. I think it’s in the first six I talk about self esteem and boosting your self confidence. How good is your self confidence and your self esteem? 
  23. Are you willing to consider that there are things that you can do to improve your life or business but you just don’t have the confidence to take the action? What is it that you’d like to do that you’re not doing? 
  24. What would you be risking if you did some of those things that are outside of your comfort zone? Where do you say, “I’m just not comfortable”? What would you risk? 
  25. What would you be risking by not doing those things? 
  26. What’s the opportunity that you’re giving up? 
  27. What single and achievable commitment can you make to improve your self care? Are you taking enough time for yourself? Are you taking care of you? On a scale of one to 10, how optimal is your self care? 10 being the best.
  28. What enjoyable activity do you simply not engage in enough? Or maybe not even at all? Something you really enjoy, you really love, really makes you feel good inside, makes you happy, and gives you fulfillment but you just simply don’t do it enough. 
  29. Are there any relationships that you’re trying to repair or improve right now? 
  30. Are there any toxic or extremely negative people in your life? One, two, three, or maybe more? I don’t know. But are there any toxic people in your life? 
  31. Do you have enough support from your friends, your family, your mentors, and your coach to help you achieve all the personal and professional growth that you really desire? 
  32. What are the most amazing things that you’ve achieved in the last 12 months? What have you done? This is something just so amazing that you are so proud of it. It’s just fantastic. 
  33. Do you acknowledge and celebrate your wins? Even when they’re small wins? Are you taking the time to reflect and celebrate? 
  34. Do you remain a victim to an experience or a belief that you’re just simply unwilling to let go? Do you live in your past? Are you living an experience or a belief that you have that’s out there that you need to let go? 
  35. Is there anyone with whom you feel angry? Or even resentful? 
  36. How does it benefit you to even hold on to those feelings of resentment?
  37. In what areas of your life or your business do you feel that you’re most vulnerable?
  38. What are you most proud of? And do you give yourself enough credit? 
  39. If someone were to observe the inner workings of your business? Would your values and a healthy culture be visible to them? Somebody from the outside looking in? We talked about your values earlier. But if somebody was looking in could they see that? Could they see your values through your business? 
  40. Do you verbally express praise? And thanks to your employees and others who support you
  41. Do you get frustrated easily or even angry with people who don’t do things the way you do them?
  42. Deep inside, do you know that there is more than one way to achieve the same outcome? And perhaps it can be a better way? Or is there a better way out there?
  43. Wonder if it would serve you well to trust people more? Are you simply a little over controlling? 
  44. Do you believe that everything must be hard or that they’re never gonna go right for you? Some people believe that some people believe that everything’s got to be difficult. Everything’s got to be hard, that’s the way life is. Right? Life is hard. Is that your mindset? 
  45. When was the last time you had a good laugh? I came in this morning and was telling some jokes. I heard my friend have a good belly laugh. I mean, that was a good one. But when’s the last time you had a good laugh?
  46. Ever feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids? Or maybe other people that are important to you?
  47. Do you have confidence that your business is scalable or do you have doubts about that?
  48. What are you most afraid of? What’s the worst case scenario? And how likely is that even really to happen? 
  49. Are you living your passion? You’ve heard that before. When you find your passion, you never have to work another day or your life. Are you living your passion? Living your dream?
  50. Are you open and willing to ask for some support? That maybe, right now, it is what you really need.

If you need to go back through those questions and ask or stop and pause and make some notes, those are 50 questions that will help you be a little more introspective, a little bit more reflective. And I promise you taking some time to really answer those will kind of give you some direction in your life. It’ll give you some direction on your path. 

And I trust and hope that it’s a good path, and I trust and hope that these have been helpful. 

My name is Terry, I’m your friend. Thanks for hanging out with us for a few minutes today. Have a great day.


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