Tuesday With Terry

A Series of Questions to Help You Self Reflect

Today, I’m going to do something a little bit different. 

I want to pretend that it’s just you and me. 

Imagine that we’re sitting down together and having a little chat, talking a bit about you, what you want to do in your life, and what you may want to do in your career or relationships. If you’d really like to enhance your experience, give the latest episode of my podcast a listen.

All I’m going to do is ask you some questions. And I want you to think about those questions internally. 

This might seem like an overload, so take your time to digest. Take all the time you need for yourself.

Before we begin, take out a blank sheet of paper and jot down some answers to these questions as we complete our journey of understanding you, your life, and what you might need to do or change in order to become the happiest version of yourself. 

Where have you been? Why are you here? And where are you going? Have you given that much thought? with your life? With your work? Maybe with your relationships? With your finances? 

If you had to do it all over again, would you do it all over again? What would that look like?

What lessons have you learned recently? What lessons have you learned in the last year? What were the lessons that we learned during COVID? Did you learn to slow down? Did you learn to disconnect? Did you learn to spend more time with your relationships — spend more time at home, perhaps? Was that good? Was it healthy? 

What’s the future that you see? What’s the next six months look like for you? What’s the next 12 months? Two years look like? Why did you tune into Tuesday with Terry today? What brought you here? What motivated you to get up this morning? You didn’t have to get up this morning. But you chose to get up. What made you get up this morning?

Who is the person you want to become? Are you trying to figure out what your highest and best use is in your life?

Are you accepting things just the way they are? Are you following a crowd? Are you marching to the beat of a different drum?

Are you winning? Right now? I had to ask you. Are you winning in your relationships? Are you winning in your finances? Are you winning in your career? Are you winning in your workouts? Are you winning in your health? Are you winning? 

Are you choosing the life that you want to live? You know, you’ve probably heard this probably before: a cat’s a cat and a dog’s a dog — but you got the choice, right? What life are you choosing? What’s that look like? Just want you to think a little bit about some of those pieces. When your battery’s all run down, or your battery runs low, what do you do to charge it up again? And are you self aware that these things need to happen? 

Do you have the will to change? Do you want to change? Do you have the discipline in order to make those changes? Are you kind of just punch drunk going through your day, and today’s the same as yesterday, and nothing ever really changes until you get to the weekends. And thank God, it’s Friday, right? Time to go make the donuts. Your life becomes meaningless, just slipping through channels at night, or during the day, or on the weekends.

What’s your heart telling you? Is it saying, “I can do no more”?

Are you willing to work on yourself? Are you willing to invest in yourself? What does that mean? Time to learn? Time to change your attitude? Time to talk to a mentor? Time to do something different? Are you willing to put in the effort? 

Are you reading? What are you reading right now? Are you listening? Are you exercising? Are you working out? You got good blood flow, good oxygen going to your brain. So you’re making the best decisions right now that you ever have in your life. Even when you don’t feel like doing any of that, do it anyway. You’ll feel 100 times better when it’s done. 

Are you settling? Are you settling in your relationships? And your career? If you’re a salesperson, are you settling with your potential? You know, you’re capable of better, you can get more leads, you can make more calls, you can set more appointments, you can close more deals and make more commissions.

What are you doing? What are you really doing? As you think about yourself, and you think about going through life, ask yourself: Who are you going through your life with? Who helps you stay motivated through it all? Do you have some heroes? Do you have some people that have done it, who have been there? Is there somebody you can call on when you need a helping hand? Is there somebody that you can lean on when you need a little support? What do you really desire? 

So to wrap things up, let me summarize this into 10 key questions.

  • What gets you excited?
  • Are you staying close to the things that you want? 
  • Are you putting in the effort? 
  • Are you working hard enough?
  • Are you getting the time and attention you need in your relationships?
  • Are you really out there looking for that opportunity? 
  • Are you a hunter or farmer?
  • Are you acting with purpose every day of your life?
  • Are you hungry? 
  • And are you spending your time protecting what you have, or spending your time trying to get what you want? 

I’ll leave you with this: If you love it enough, if that’s where your heart is, it is always worth it

I hope these questions helped you take a solid look at yourself in the mirror and start to realize some ways you can bring new happiness into your business and your life. Thirty days from now, I want you to read this list again, see what’s changed, and take note of how you might answer those questions a little bit differently.

Keep feeding your mind with the good, the pure, the positive stuff out there. As always, thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

For more advice on how to get your mind, your business, and your life in shape, don’t forget to tune into my podcast every Tuesday.

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